Business Intelligence Parts 1 + 2

Comments from a Senior Executive at an ENR Top 25 Construction Firm:

I  recently read your two articles titled Intelligence Part 1 and Part 2.  I was so moved by the articles that I felt I had to reach out and thank you for writing them!  I do not believe you could be more accurate about utilizing systems thinking to solve complex problems in our industry and in the world.  I agree that we can learn a lot from other industries, especially manufacturing.  I also agree that we have to address our problems and innovate (i.e. Ford & global traffic congestion) or else those problems will slowly break our industry down.  I have forwarded these articles on to numerous people hoping to open some eyes and thinking.

I believe our industry is one of the last frontiers that is due for change.  We have so much incredible technology and smart people, so there is no excuse why we shouldn’t innovate more and push the industry forward.  Technology will only continue to improve our understanding of overall construction impact on society, and specifically on social dimensions and the environment. It’s an interesting time and I am excited to be a part of it.

For this two-part series, I worked with Lou Marines to capture his ideas in several telephone interviews. Based on his thoughts I outlined the project, conducted research on best practices and case studies, interviewed senior executives, and wrote the articles. Throughout the process Lou reviewed and made suggestions for wording, resources and ways to approach the topics.

My collaborative method of writing relieves busy authors of the stress of doing all the work – outlining, research, writing, edits, rewrites, and fact-checking – yet fully captures his or her ideas. I strive to expresses the author's concepts in their own voice, and readers frequently tell my clients that reading their book or article was "just like having a great conversation with you." 

With my extensive background in writing, management consulting, best business practices, and in this case the design and construction industry, I bring a high level of understanding and knowledge to such projects. 

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