Why choose me? 

Your ideal writer understands why and how the marketing of professional services is different from product marketing, and how to translate the complexity of those services into a message that will stand out and engage prospects who are weary of boilerplate and hype. 

Your writer should be able to help express your corporate strategy in writing, both online and offline, to drive the branding and marketplace presence that make your firm the preferred choice. 

The writer you choose for your institution will know the importance of developing a narrative that clarifies the value and relevance of your expert knowledge, translating research results into a compelling position, and building consistency throughout your sphere of influence, piece-by-piece.

I can help you establish your presence in the marketplace, and your status as thought leaders

I live in your world.

I’m Karen Newcombe, and I’m different from most writers you’ve met. I come from inside the world of professional service firms, institutions and corporations. Unlike many advertising-oriented writers, I understand the complex challenges you face in:

  • Creating the marketplace presence that positions you for selection during the RFP process
  • Expressing your brand and corporate narrative in support of your business and marketing strategies
  • Using expert knowledge and thought leadership to influence ideas or entire industries

For over 20 years I’ve worked in this world, doing research, writing proposals, creating brand strategies and designing marketing plans.  I know exactly how content works in each of these situations, and the important role narrative structure plays in making this content accessible to your audience.

Busy executives have found me to be invaluable in translating their ideas and knowledge into useful content, both for current positioning and for future generations in the firm. 

How I can help you.

Would you like to work with someone who is reliable, trustworthy, professional and nice?  Someone who can help you craft everything from a proposal to a case study to a white paper to a published book? Do you need a marketing strategy and execution plan? 

Call me at 954-428-5457 or email me at newk@writebank.com and let’s talk about your challenges and see how I may be able to help. 

You can also look through my writing samples and see a comprehensive list of the services I offer

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