Sal DiFonzo, Managing Director, FMI Corporation

Author of Designing Effective Incentive Compensation Plans

Working with Karen Newcombe was the sole reason that I successfully published my first book.  She knows how to navigate the new self-published world with CreateSpace and Amazon.  Karen can also help you with marketing ideas after the book is complete.  Most importantly, she does not give up.  When you get too busy or question whether you will finish the endeavor, Karen is always there with unwavering commitment to get the job done.  Her mastery of the English language was also invaluable in producing a clean final copy.  Karen is worldly and interesting, and she will never remind you of your seventh grade English teacher.  You will want to write another book when you are done.

Hank Harris, Chairman, FMI Corporation

Author of Creating Value in an Engineering and Construction Firm

Like a good personal trainer, you caused me some pain, but in a good and necessary way.  I can say for sure that you are the best editor I have ever worked with. 

Kelli Santone, Publisher, ARG Publications

Palm Beach Relocation Guide

You did such a great job...You were a pleasure to work with and of course I would like to keep you in mind for further projects.  We will definitely be in touch and thank you again.

Connie Calvert, IgY Nutrition

Karen responded immediately to my inquiry and worked over a weekend to meet our deadline. Her work product was impeccable. She is self-motivated, professional, and had great advice for our team. Thanks, Karen!                 

Jodi LaMure, Author, Embracing the Spark

Karen has done an outstanding job with my manuscript! Her professionalism and support through the process has also way surpassed what I would have hoped for. I look forward to working with her again on future projects!

Remo Cippa, Owner, Got Doggies? 

I would like to THANK YOU for the wonderful website you created for GotDoggies.com

Valentina Ellison, Areas USA

I like the fact that you also do research on the topic and not just re-write the information. Everything worked really well for us – we won Package 6 of the [Detroit Metropolitan Airport] proposal and were awarded a contract." 

Janet Correia, Founder, OT in Motion New Hampshire

You are great with words! You did a great job and it was easy and stress free to have you do the whole thing [website].

Steven J. Isaacs, PE, Assoc. AIA, Division Manager, FMI Corporation, author of Negotiate with Confidence: Field-tested Ways to Get the Value You Deserve

It is marvelous to work with an individual who cares deeply about the quality of their product,  and can create an outcome that improves the ability of others to perform at a higher level. It is equally rewarding to work with an individual who brings creativity to every item, and appropriately inspires others to innovate. It’s very rare to find one individual who can incorporate all of these talents. Karen Newcombe is such a person. I have known and worked with her for almost twenty years. She is the type of individual that any organization would be thrilled to work with. 

Louis L. Marines, Founder of Advanced Management Institute for Architecture and Engineering, CEO Emeritus of the American Institute of Architects, author of The Language of Leadership

Karen Newcombe and I worked together for the last fifteen years, and Karen has performed a variety of creative roles with a high degree of passion and ability. I highly recommend her for any role that requires problem solving, synthesis of complex issues, and easily understood written communications – books, reports, essays, articles, promotional materials, presentations, and the like.

One of the keys to Karen’s success is her ability to develop trusting relationships with sources, both inside and outside our firm, and with the various media who publish our work.

Another key is her ability to distinguish between obfuscation and supportable facts and clear reasoning, and her willingness to confront us when we do not meet our shared standards for delivering truly useful and reliable insights to our readers—and then to help us resolve such issues.

Karen is one of the most creative professionals I have engaged over forty years in business, and her passionate commitment to the work we have shared makes her an invaluable member of our team. 

David F. Evans, PE, PLS, FASCE, Chairman Emeritus, David Evans Enterprises, author of Achieving Zero: My Life and Love of Consulting Engineering

Making my words and writing come across in the king’s English required the knowledge of a professional. My sincere thanks and admiration for her skills go to Karen Newcombe, who edited, formatted and commented on the text, and gave me valuable advice.

Dave Swanson, It Takes Two Construction

I just want to say thank you for all of your efforts in helping me with the sale of my business. Your insights at our meeting and the outlines you provided gave us important direction. A month into retirement I feel great – no regrets and the stress is gone.       

John Grassi, Entrepreneur

I had been searching for a content writer who wouldn’t give me that same old off-the-shelf business plan full of stale boilerplate. Karen quickly understood my business needs and asked me great questions about my ideas. She was able to present the complex technical concepts of my industry in an easily understood and persuasive form, resulting in a terrific business plan. I highly recommend Karen and her work, and look forward to working with her again.

Cynthia Paul, Managing Director, Business Development National Practice Leader, FMI Corporations

Karen tackles problems with an innovative approach, frequently going above the mandate into new territory. She maintains a tight, productive working relationship despite being at a different location from our team. She's able to take a concept or idea and create a compelling message, article or brochure and her talents have helped broaden our profile within the industry.

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