I offer consulting help for marketing strategy and planning, creative brainstorming, market and futures research, and I have helped firms with scenario planning, strategic planning, ownership transition, and more. 

Business Writing 

Your communications need to match your strategic objectives and convey the right message. Whether you are a professional service firm, a corporation offering complex or technical  products or services, or a institute, NGO or think tank, I can help you strike the right tone to reach your targeted audience with the compelling messages you want to convey.  

I am a great listener — and I take feedback in stride. My goal is to give you the content that matches your needs, and to be the person you feel is absolutely great to work with. 

Whether your project is a 50 word project description or a major research project or an entire book, I can help you capture your ideas, organize them so that they flow, and get your project completed. 

But just getting projects produced isn't the whole story. The content needs to be supportive of your strategy and brand. When you feel like you're at a dead end, or your strategy is drifting off target, I can help. 

Technical Writing

Technical writing is simply writing that focuses on technical subjects: science, mathematic, engineering, computers, military/defense/security, electronics, medical/pharmaceutical and similar topic areas. Accuracy of information is the most important factor, and content should be concise and organized in a clear and logical way. Technical writing projects often involve a team of people and good project management skills are essential to completing the work on time. I have extensive experience in technical writing and organizing team writing projects.  

Ghost Writing

You may have a great idea for an article or book, but you just don’t have the time to sit down and write it. Writing a long article or a book isn’t easy–you need to understand the expectations of the audience, and the stylistic and structural conventions of the genre you’re working in, as well as key markers that editors and publishers will look for in your piece. Learning and keeping up with the technical side of writing is a full time occupation. That’s my job, and I’d be happy to help you create the book, article or document you envision. 


Do you have a draft article, report, book manuscript, or other document, but you know it needs editing? I will review your project for:

  • Clarity of ideas and purpose
  • A flow that is both logical and compelling
  • Accepted spelling, grammar and preferred style requirements  including AP, Chicago, medical, scientific and others
  • Alignment with the genre, whether fiction or non-fiction
  • I am a highly experienced researcher and can help you fact-check your writing, or provide background research into any area necessary to support your work. 


I can help you with every aspect of publishing your document or book, from outlining and ghost writing to editing, layout, proofreading, cover design, and publishing. 

Today every author has the freedom to easily self-publish a book and have it available from all major distributors. Manuscripts can easily be converted into eBooks, and royalties via these channels are much higher than through traditional publishers. I can help you from your first concept right through publication and marketing your book. 

If you plan to pursue traditional publishing I offer help writing your book proposal and creating the platform plan that all traditional publishers look for when considering a new writer. 

Call me at 954-428-5457 to learn how I can help. 

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