Negotiate with Confidence by Steven Isaacs

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Like most things in life worth attaining, this path to better negotiation is actually a pilgrimage, filled with hard work, challenges, setbacks, and ultimately new insights that enrich the journey, and the results. In buying this book you've taken the important first step on that pilgrimage.    

–Louis L. Marines, CEO Emeritus of the American Institute of Architects

This book brings a fresh and very practical methodology to negotiation. Steve has taken many years of practical application and teaching these techniques and put them into a very readable and accessible book. These ideas will change not only the way you do business, but also your day-to-day life. Fabulous!   

–Benjamin P. Fisher, FAIA, COO and Principal, Perkins+Will

Steve provides many real world examples of the principles in action throughout. This book is not just for design professionals, but for anyone who would like to learn a new approach to negotiating. 

–Ravila Gupta, President and Legal Counsel, Umicore USA Inc.

As a profession we are totally conflict averse and are the world’s worst negotiators. Steve has helped us to understand our “disability” regarding negotiations, and we now use his rational approach to overcome it...on a daily basis. I highly recommend this book as a source of practical help in improving negotiations skills.

–Bing Sheldon, FAIA, Chairman and Principal, SERA Architects

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