Client Success Stories – Your Most Powerful Marketing Messages

Image of voice bubbles to show that many people are talking.

by Karen Newcombe

What's the first thing you do when you need a service or a product for your business? 

You go online, you read the reviews, and you ask your colleagues for their opinions: Who did you work with?  Did you like working with them? Did they do a good job solving your challenges?  What is their service/product really like? Would you hire them again?

Whatever business you're in, your customers are talking about you and your prospects are talking to them. …

Writing a Book: Where Do I Start?


by Karen Newcombe

Recently I met an executive who had retired  with the intention of writing a book. He is a leader in his industry, a great innovator, and made substantial changes to the way work in his field was conducted – he set the standards that industry now follows. He has a head full of knowledge, an office full of notes and history, a lifetime of experience that others would find invaluable to access, and he has compelling stories. …

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