Trends: Pew offers free research report on Latino population trends in the U.S.

by Karen Newcombe

Population trends are important for many firms to understand, yet few business leaders and executives have the time to track down this research. 

Here's a great free report from the Pew Research Center. 

Our Latin population in the U.S. is the largest minority group and the fastest growing one. The Pew report looks at population profiles, demographic and economic profiles for all 50 states and 60 major metropolitan areas.  

Beware of Self-publishing Scams


by Karen Newcombe

Where money goes, scammers follow. 

Self-publishing has been a hot news story for the past two years, with multiple feature articles in the Wall St. Journal, Forbes, The New York Times, and most other newspapers and business magazines. The story has huge appeal: unknown author rejected by dozens of traditional publishers earns over a million dollars in a few months. …

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