Marketing vs. Sales Part 2: The buyer changed –and so should you.

by Karen Newcombe

So the big problem with the sales and marketing funnels described in Part 1 is that the old model is rapidly becoming obsolete.

The buyer has changed, and so has the buying process. Customers no longer rely on advertising or sales people to help determine the best product for their needs. Today, the buyer educates himself and  comes to the transaction fully informed about your firm, your products/services, and even about you.

Marketing vs. Sales Part 1: How do sales and marketing work together? It's the funnel!

by Karen Newcombe

For the third time in three weeks I've had a long conversation with someone about whether sales and marketing are different and, if so, how they are supposed to work together.  

Time for a few charts!  I found a good one at and have recreated it here to illustrate our discussion*. This chart shows how marketing and sales have traditionally related to each other using the funnel diagram, which dates back to 1898, when

Client Success Stories article appears in Construction Business Owner


by Karen Newcombe

My article  Boost Business with Client Success Stories appears in the December 2013 issue of Construction Business Owner.  

I discuss how small and medium sized construction firms can make great use of client success stories to boost their marketing efforts. I also suggest multiple uses for each success story, to help firms get the most out of their marketing dollar.  

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