Storytelling is your greatest marketing tool

"You can push information at people, or you can pull them in with a story."

by Karen Newcombe

This one’s a horror story...

I visited a firm recently where no one, including the new owner and the new CEO, knows what business they’re in. The founder was forced out and has relocated. 

The firm offers specialized services and has their own manufacturing warehouse where bespoke components that support those services are created. Some pieces are made in large batches and the extras are sold on the website as retail products for hobbyists. …

It’s time to update your marketing plan!


by Karen Newcombe

For the past eight uncertain years, many businesses have been reluctant to put the time and effort into updating a marketing plan that could become useless overnight. Some took an ad hoc approach to marketing, adjusting on the fly from month to month. Other stuck with a tried and true plan from the mid-2000s, waiting for an All Clear signal that the economy is now strong and secure. …

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