MIT Sloan Free Report on Social Business

by Karen Newcombe

MIT Sloan Management Review offers some of the most interesting free research and reports available to businesses.  

This free report on Social Business: Shifting Out of First Gear  just came out and has some extremely interesting findings.  

While 54% of their survey respondents said social media would be important to their business a year from now, more than half of firms responding ranged their firm at level 3 in social business, on a scale of 1 to 10.  

Businesses understand the important of engaging in social business, but find that entry is difficult:

Companies are facing common barriers. Three major culprits are impeding progress: lack of an overall strategy (28% of respondents), too many competing priorities (26%) and lack of a proven business case or strong value proposition (21%).

The report also offers case studies on what companies have done to engage in a social business strategy, as well as key points that your firm should consider. As with everything in a successful organization, building a strategy is your first step. 

Click on the link or the image above to get your free copy of this report from MIT Sloan. It is well worth the short minute to get such great information and ideas. 

And should you need help creating your strategy, give me a call. 

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