Why does hiring a writer save me money? 

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By Karen Newcombe

Clients often ask me why they should hire a professional writer when they are perfectly capable of writing something themselves. 

I tell them that it will save them money. 

What's that? Hiring a writer will save me money? 

Yes, it will, and here are five reasons why:

  1. Your time is most valuable when you're doing what you do best: getting new clients, solving problems, setting the strategic direction for your business. When you're tied up writing, these essential actions are not being done. 
  2. Your time costs more than a writer's does. Doing your own writing is more expensive.  
  3. A professional writer can write much faster than you can. This is a double benefit. If a writer's time is less expensive than yours, and he can write faster than you can, there's a double whammy – you save time and money.
  4. A writer will make you sound great. Grammar, spelling, catching the attention of search engines (SEO), and creating a smooth, logical flow are the tools of our trade. Spending your time trying to learn them is costly compared to hiring someone who uses them all day, every day. Have you ever had a less than stellar result with a do-it-yourself home plumbing project? Wouldn't it have saved you time, money and aggravation to call the plumber in the first place? 
  5. A writer will work hard to ensure that your piece communicates with the audience you want to reach, establishes a connection with them, showcases your expertise and your unique voice, and generates a response. 
  6. Did I say five reasons? Here's a bonus reason: Many people are tempted to give their writing an extra boost of gravitas by adding sentences that go on and on for far too long and become ponderously overweighted with complicated pseudo-legalistic wording guaranteed to send readers instantly to sleep.  A professional writer will compose a lean, clear, energetic piece that engages readers and makes potential clients feel confidence in you

Try working with a professional writer on your next article, brochure, website, or even a book, and see how much better your results can be, both financially and on the page. 

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