Best online idea yet: Tictail – an instant online store

Image of a laptop showing the Tictail website main screen.

by Karen Newcombe

Just a quick update for today, this is one of the best ideas I have seen in ages: an instant online store that takes only a few minutes to set up. 

Yes, yes, I know, we already have eBay and Amazon and Etsy and so forth. But some of those are a little complex to manage, and this one seems amazingly simple and offers a lot of support for the shop owners, such as reminders to follow up on a sale to make sure an item was delivered.

This site also allows your customers to subscribe to your shop so they can get notifications about items going on sale. This sounds great to me! 

Check out the full article in The Economist, Quickly does it, or go directly to Tictail and see what it's all about. 

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